So you’ve found The Sugar Gnomes. Well, get ready to indulge your sweet-tooth in pure decadence.

That is the sweet and savory, taste-bud exploding goodness your Grandmother grew up with back in the old country. We are what happens when you take a sincere love for all things sumptuous and buttery and stir that up with a relentless passion for crafting superior, unrefined elements into small hand-churned batches.

Our mission is to serve you the most authentic, sugar-laden slice of bliss you have ever tasted. The Sugar Gnomes won’t just use a teaspoon of organic vanilla hidden within a processed, chemically enhanced mess of sweet. We accept only clean, organic butter and heavy cream, thick crystals of organic cane sugar, cruelty- free, organic eggs, scraped vanilla bean and so on. We use all-natural golden syrup, organic agave or brown-rice syrup and the highest-quality nuts we can find.

We are happy to work with you to find exactly the right fit in favors for your event, craving, or to bring to life a simple taste you can’t live without but from a pure, organic kitchen. Our confections are made with a lot of love and we hope every ounce of that transfers to you and your guests. Enjoy!

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